Would you like to know more about our renovation works?

Building Support has the knowledge and experience to restore your old property to its former glory. Building Support has skilled hands for demolition work and repairs to the shell, the interior, the roof and/or the facade. Our sharp eye for the preservation of unique details and profiling ensure the best possible end result. Building Support: total renovation for a good price.

Renovation work on a new house

Are you looking for a complete renovation of an old house? When carrying out renovation work, we attach great importance to good consultation. This enables us to keep the inconvenience to residents or employees in the building within acceptable limits. We keep the turnaround time as short as possible and ensure that every link in the chain does its work on time. Building Support is therefore the ideal partner for renovating old houses.

Complete renovation

When our team of professionals leaves your building, it will again meet all contemporary safety requirements and will be fitted with modern living or working quality. If you choose Building Support, you choose for control over all elements that play a role in a renovation.

Renovating an old house

Building Support is often called in for the renovation of old mansions. Would you like to know more about the costs of renovating your home or business property? We will gladly advise you about the possibilities of home renovation, without obligation.