Excellence in new construction

Building Support: your new construction contractor

Building Support builds new homes, shops and business properties. As a general contractor on behalf of private individuals or companies, or as a subcontractor for large housing or utility projects. As a new construction company there are no surprises for us. In close consultation with you and possibly your architect, we think together from the planning stage onwards about the most suitable building materials and the most effective building methods.

Years of experience as a new construction contractor

With our sophisticated procedures, we ensure the correct coordination of all activities as laid down in advance. During construction, we ensure short lines of communication and a fixed point of contact, so that we can react alertly when necessary. The result is a new residential or work building that is delivered on schedule and according to agreement.

New building construction company: prices for building a house

When building a new house or business property, you need to choose a reliable builder. Through competitive quotations, clear budgets, detailed schedules and the capacity to make work drawings, Building Support distinguishes itself from its competitors. Building Support: your partner in new construction!